Free Download Mirror Photo:Editor&Collage (HD) apk

The perfect App for you to create Mirror Photo and Collage Photo

The perfect App for you to create Mirror Photo and Collage Photo.

Download Free Download Mirror Photo:Editor&Collage (HD) apk

Do you want a photo look like your have a twin? Or do you want yourself repeat multiple times in one photo? You can try this app and make many different mirror effect photos.

With Mirror Photo, you can do more than just mirror effect photo, this app also contains several frequent use photo editing tools.

So totally there are FOUR main features in the app, and for each feature, you can choose photo from gallery to edit or apply the effect on the camera in real time:

1) Mirror Photo:

  • > Totally 50 different mirror effect, including left-right reflection, up-down reflection, 2*2 repetition and so on.
  • > More than 50 frequent use photo filters.
  • > Many nice photo frames.
  • > Easy to use, just touch to move the photo to adjust the reflection position.

2) Blend Photo:

  • > Blend two photos together in many different creative ways.
  • > 30 different blending ways, including left-right wave, two photo merge, one photo inside another and so on.
  • > Control the blending position or blending level by moving or pinching the photos.

3) Shape Photo:

  • > Create a square size photo with different shapes of mask, the mask can be filled with color or texture.
  • > Create a square size blur photo, but only the area within the shape are clear.
  • > More than 100 different shapes, including heart, flower and animals.

4) Collage Photo:

  • > More than 500 different collage templates for you to create collage photo.
  • > Adjust the size of each part of the templates.

For all the features, you can also add photo stickers and text on the photo. We keep adding nice stickers and choose nice text fonts for you to choose.

Should you have any question, feedback or suggestion.

Welcome to contact us at: loloapps@outlook.com


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